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Re: single quotes not interpreted by TeX

This problem appears to be solved.  I observed that it does not occur
with the plain (cm) fonts; rather, it occurs with PostScript fonts.
Furthermore, it is a dvips-specific problem.  THE SOLUTION: Add
appropriate lines (such as 'ptmr Times-Roman') to


   Date: Thu, 1 Feb 1996 13:07:08 -0800
   From: rulnick@seas.ucla.edu

   I find that my debian TeX installation does not give me a curly single
   quote in response to the (') character -- I get only the straight,
   typewriter-style single quote in my .dvi output.  I do not experience
   this with my Slackware TeX installation -- the curly quote appears as
   expected.  Can you suggest why this happens, and/or a fix?  Thank you.


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