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trouble starting diald

"RK" == Richard Kettlewell <richard@sfere.uk.geeks.org> writes:

  RK> I've been having some trouble getting diald to work.  It connects to
  RK> the remote system fine, but when pppd runs it attempts to open
  RK> /dev/cua2 (which is where my modem is) and gets EBUSY.
  RK> Feb  2 20:38:03 sfere diald[9242]: Running connect (pid = 9249).
  RK> Feb  2 20:38:22 sfere pppd[9250]: Failed to open /dev/cua2: Device or resource busy
  RK> Feb  2 20:38:22 sfere pppd[9250]: Exit.
  RK> Feb  2 20:38:24 sfere diald[9242]: Delaying 30 seconds before clear to dial.


  RK> I'm at a loss as to where pppd gets `/dev/cua2' from; 
  RK> I refer to it[*] in all configuration files and scripts as 
  RK> /dev/modem, which is a symlink to it[**] on my system. ...

   You mean `dev/modem' is a symlink to `/dev/cua2'?

   You say above that your modem is connected to `/dev/cua2'.

   Do you have a stale `LCK..cua2' in directory /var/lock?

   If mot, what does `ls -l /dev/modem' say?

   Btw, did you install that link yourself?

   The reason I ask is that AFAIR nothing named `/dev/modem/ has ever
existed on my Debian setup.

   Also, someone told me the `dev/ttyS?' form should be used with
`diald' rather than the corresponding `/dev/cua?' form.
   That's all I can suggest.


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