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Re: diald, pppd, ppp

   If anyone uses these things to connect to a site with a modem could
   you please tell me how you did it?  I assume that since I have
   these packages that I can connect to a site and establish a ppp
   link.  Also does anyone know why the man pages for diald does not
   install in the same place as other man pages.  Thank you


first I got ppp working.  To get this working, I had to read the
documentation on how to configure ppp and chat, and I had to turn on
logging from both of them.  [For chat, you want to start it with chat
-v.  For pppd in general, you want to make sure that your
/etc/syslog.conf file has the proper entries to log with your version
of pppd.]

Then, I got diald working.  For the version of ppp that I'm using,
there's a bug that made something (I forget what) crash, so I had to
turn off defaultroute in ppp and turn it on in diald.  Again, turning
on logging is key to understanding what's going on well enough to get
the system working properly.


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