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Re: stuttering mouse

(Continuing my follow-ups...)

I wrote several weeks ago about a "stuttering mouse" in X under
debian.  This problem persists, and I have seen it now using the ATI
mouse and a PS/2 bus mouse on different systems.  Jeffrey Ebert is
experiencing the same problem with a PS/2 mouse.  The problem may be
simply described as follows:

	1. While dragging a title bar around the screen, the
	associated window will move in stops and starts; there is
	frequently a big gap between the pointer (the '+'-shaped
	quadruple-arrow) and the window outline.  Wiggling the mouse
	or "releasing the drag" is required to bring the pointer and
	window back into synch.

	2. Marking text (as in, say, emacs) yields comparable
	behavior:  if there is any hesitation in dragging the pointer
	across the desired text, the marking will "lock up" and refuse
	to follow the mouse.  This often requires several attempts 
	each time one wishes to, say, simply mark a paragraph.

I have never seen this behavior on my Slackware system (using the same
ATI mouse).  It is at least a fairly serious distraction, and I for
one would greatly appreciate suggestions or help in any form.

Thank you.


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