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Re: Debian 1.1 release date?

On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, tictac wrote:

Hi Matt,

> > We have an ELF system now, but it is not yet 100% ELF. It runs fine
> > here, but is somewhat troublesome to install. Ian Jackson is working
> > on improving "dpkg" to take care of the installation problems.
> > 
> > I will try to get an ELF boot disk done this week. That's one of the major
> > hold-ups. Another is that some package maintainers have not upgraded their
> > packages to ELF yet.

There's no problem with running a mixed system currently except that 
you're wasting memory since some libs need to be held in memory/on 
disk twice (a.out and ELF). 

> Do they realize it's kindof important to do that? :)

I believe they do but at least "some of them" have to do real work beside 
maintaining Debian packages ;-).

It should not be too hard to recompile the sources by yourself.



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