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Re: ati mach64

>>>>> franken@cistron.nl (Nick Franken) writes:

> I have an ati mach64. I can not seem to get my x windows  work with
> it. My screen blanks out. Does anyone have the right (clock)settings
> for me? (Xconfig) I tried many settings in my xconfig file. Xprobe
> doesn't give the right settings. It seems that my 1024 video ram
> doesn't get recognized. I vaguely remembered from another message
> something about the dac settings. Any help is welcome. Thanks in
> advance.

I had the same problem.  There are many models of the Mach64, and mine
was not one that was recognized by the XFree86 server that comes with
debian (version 3.1.2).

Lurking around comp.os.linux.x, I found out there is a version 3.1.2B
server that recognizes my Mach64.

All I had to do was replace the server executable.  The 3.1.2B server
can be found at 


Steve Preston (spreston@gte.com)

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