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Re: xbase installation problem

> > I'm sorry to bother you with such a simple question, but maybe one of
> > you wizards can point me into the right direction... I'm trying to
> > upgrade to the new XFREE86 3.1.2-1 packages and fail everytime I unpack 
> > the xbase package:
> > 
> > # dpkg --unpack xbase-3.deb
> > Unpacking ./xbase-3.deb, containing xbase...
> > tar: Could not create symlink to console: File exists
> > dpkg-deb subprocess tar returned error exit status 2
> > dpkg - error: xbase: failed to install (exit status 1) (skipping this package)
> > dpkg: 1 errors occured.
> I don't know which version of the package you are trying to install from 
> the description that you have given. Please would you run dpkg --info on 
> your xbase-3.deb file and send me the output?

Here it is!
By the way: I installed previous versions of Xfree86 serveral times on my computer, but
never had this error message about an existing symlink to console...
The point is that I dont want to install again EVERYTHING from scratch, but I have no
idea what I did wrong. Before trying to unpack the X-packages, I removed the older ones
with dpkg --purge --remove and also all X11*-directories.
Again, I would be happy about any help. Thanks!

# dpkg --info xbase-3.deb
 debian package type version 0.939000.
 size 1142983 bytes: control archive= 2246, main archive= 1140723.
     322 bytes,    15 lines      conffiles            
     813 bytes,    16 lines      control              
    3964 bytes,   188 lines   *  postinst             #!/bin/sh
     112 bytes,     7 lines   *  postrm               #!/bin/sh
     321 bytes,    19 lines   *  preinst              #!/bin/sh
 PACKAGE: xbase
 DESCRIPTION: XFree86 3.1.2 base distribution.
  This package contains the basic X11R6 distribution. [...] 
 MAINTAINER: Ian Murdock <imurdock@debian.org>
 VERSION: 3.1.2
 DEPENDS: xlib
 RECOMMENDED: xstd, xmono | xserver
 PROVIDES: X11R6, xbaseR6

# tar --version
GNU tar version 1.11.5

Information about the kernel:
# uname --all
Linux hawkeye 1.2.1 #3 Wed Dec 13 20:37:54 MET 1995 i486

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