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Re: man page for dpkg

On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Joel Ray Holveck wrote:

> >For some time now, I have wished for a 'man' page for dpkg.
> Odd... dpkg-deb(8) exists on my system.  What release of the manpages
> package do you have?

I think the problem is that most people will try to find the man page for 
dpkg, not dpkg-deb which is something different as seen from the user. 

The man-pages in my dpkg package refer to dpkg(5), dpkg(8), dpkg-dep(8),
dselect(8), deb(5) and deb-control(5). None of the man-pages refer to
dpkg-deb :-).  My dpkg package, however includes the following: 

dpkg version 1.0.6


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