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Re: Adaptec 2940 users?

>>>>> "B" == Bruce Perens <bruce@Pixar.com> writes:

B> I'd like to hear from Adaptec 2940 users. Does it work, what kernel
B> are you using, did you have to do anything special, etc.

I just compiled my kernel (1.3.45) for the 2940, and it worked.  When
I first got my new machine, I did have to set the SCSI bios to limit
one of my drive's transfer rate to <= 5MB/s or it would lock up the
kernel when I was copying from the fast drive to the slow one, but
that was under an older kernel.  I haven't been brave enough (stupid
enough) to set the bios back to the faster rate with the newer kernels
and see if it still dies.  (When it dies it damages the filesystem so
that fsck has to do some repairs).


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