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pppd problem.

I think this question was just asked before,
but I only just joined the mailing list.

I have a script file which automatically runs as a users login
script to start pppd on login. When I run this script from the
root login I get the standard garbage on the screen showing
pppd has started when a user tries it I get returned to the prompt
and the following message appears in messages
Dec 1 07:55 acepia pppd[216] pppd 2.2.0 started by user, uid 100
Dec 1 07:55 acepia pppd[216] ioctl(PPPIOCGUNIT): Operation not permitted
Dec 1 07:55 acepia pppd[216] ioctl(PPPIOCGDEBUG): Operation not permitted
Dec 1 07:55 acepia pppd[216] Exit.

Please bear in mind I started with Slackware Linux 3 Months ago
and Debian 1 week ago. If this is a stupid permissions problem 
( which I think it is ) could someone just lead me in the right
direction and not flame me for stupidity....

Many Thanks 

Martin Rheumer

[   Martin Rheumer -                                                     ]
[        System Operator for Mogwais Lair BBS  (03) 9898 2205 Modem      ]
[        System Administrator for Acepia - The Internet Connection       ]
[        mrheumer@acepia.apana.org.au          (03) 9898 0164 Voice      ]
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