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Some experiences with installation.

Hi all.

I mostly wanted to thank all who brought Debian to my 
door step. It is a breath a fresh air compared to my
old Slackware. 

I am in the process of installing it on my second machine
as I write, and I thought as I waited for things to configure
I would send off some (hopefully constructive) criticism.

First of all, the worst possible thing I could find with 
the CD (of Bruce's) is that the `Debian' ink stamp smudged. :)
(But then it was a cold winter day when it arived and it 
was damp)

But seriously, the only slip ups I had were these:

Had trouble accessing the cdrom over nfs. Here is what I did.
The cd was locally mounted to /cdrom on a Sun. This put the `binary'
dir in sun:/cdrom/cdrom/binary/. I first tried mounting this via nfs with:

# mount -t nfs sun:/cdrom/cdrom /cdrom

on to /cdrom on my linux box. When I ran dselect I told it to use the
mounted dir: /cdrom/binary, but it didn't seem to like this. It wasn't
until I mounted thusly:

#mount -t nfs sun:/cdrom/cdrom/binary /cdrom

and gave dselect the dir /cdrom that the *.deb files were found.
No biggy, but it took a while to figure it out.

The other small gripe I have is over the `adduser' script that is
invoked when one first logs in to the virgin system. I think that
there should be a way to NOT add a user (besides root, ofcourse) at
the beginning. I tried breaking out of this adduser script and ended
up with a frozen login and had to abandon the VC for another.  The
reason I don't wish to add a user right a way is that I want to
restore my accounts from before by cp'ing over the old passwd file
(and doing any necessary tweaking) and don't want to have to clean up
any new accounts forced on me. It could be that I just missed an easy
way of breaking out of the adduser script.

This is all not to give the impression of disatisfaction with
Debian, far from it! I am so impressed w/ the system that I 
will start to convert over all of our Linux machines to Debian.

Thanks for all you hard work.

Brett (#38 of 50!) Viren.

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