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Re: User invocation of pppd (Re: diald & pppd trouble query)

On 27 November 1995 Adrian Phillips wrote:
> >>>>> "Philip" == Philip Tuckey <pat@rs3.univ-fcomte.fr> writes:
>     Philip> However even using sudo was too much effort for me, so I
>     Philip> did the following:
> Why ? Instead of sudo, you could try using super which I've just

Well, with sudo I had to type in my password. I want an fvwm button I can
just click on, which didn't seem consistent with typing in my
password. Entirely possible I missed something of course.

Will have a look at super, thanks for the suggestion.

> Thats what sudo and super are for.

With regard to pppd, is there any reason why the original debian package
cannot configure things so that users can execute pppd directly, presumably
with the protection of them having to be put into a special privileged
group, as is done for the devices? It seems more (and unnecessarily)
complicated for me to have to read the doc etc for sudo or super in order
to give users access, rather than just adding them to a special group.


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