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Re: Information about updates?

>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Hogan <bhogan@rahul.net> writes:

    Bill>     Is it possible to use `dftp' to check for the existence
    Bill> of such conflicts?

    Bill>     Specifically, if I have what I intended to be a
    Bill> Debian-0.93 setup, can `dftp' tell me if I have
    Bill> inadvertently nitroduced a Debian-1.0 package?

Yes, indirectly.  You can set up dftp to exclude certain
directories.  I haven't checked out the new version of dftp which came
out a few days ago, so I won't try to tell you exactly how. 
Dftp brings back .deb files into the same directory hierarchy as
exists on the ftp site; so you can see whether you've gotten anything
in the debian-1.0 directory (or whatever the bleeding-edge directory
is called now, I haven't kept track).

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