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debian 0.93R6 install

Date: Sat, 25 Nov 95 12:37:54 PST
From: mortond@ccnet.com
Message-Id: <Chameleon.951125123754.mortond@>
Bcc: mortond@ccnet.com
Subject: Debian 0.93R6 install
Together with various other correspondents I wish to congratulate you all on 
a very nice package, especially bearing in mind that you are all unpaid 
volunteers donating your time and expertise for the benefit of others.

I would also like to add my two'penneth to the install program debate.
The color issue is not really all THAT important is it? After all one should 
only have to interface with the installation program very ocasionally, if 
all goes well.

I miss the LILO configuration script from Slackware releases, primarily 
because I am not installing to the 1st. hard drive and have to boot from a 

I installed the system to sda2 got to the reboot prompt and was stuck!
I had to install Slackware to hda3 with just the a & ap sets create a LILO 
boot floppy and use that for booting.

However I think that may be the reason my system does not perform correctly.
The boot process echoes the following:
unresolved symbols in module/lib/modules/1.2.13/fs/xits.o
seems to list all available modules...
unresolved symbols in modules/lib/modules/1.2.13/scsi/eata.o
kernal_version needed,but can't be found
bread:wrong version
Failed to load module! The symbols from kernal 1.2.13 don't match 1.2.13
Initialization of lp failed

lsmod lists:
binfmt_elf		2
slip			2
ppp			5
dummy			1
xiaf			6
sysv			7
nfs			11
msdos			6

Also I miss Midnight Commander, as a beginner in computer systems the *nix 
tree ( forest more like it ) is a little daunting to find one's way around 
git comes close BUT on my system it will only run in mono, F10 doesn't 
work in textmode ( C-xc does ) but does in X.
I copied mc from the Slackware system unzip & untarred it but it wanted 
Ncurses 1.85 library, I installed Debian Ncurses then it wanted libc.so.5 so 
I copied Slackware's to Debian.
Now mc works, but only in mono!!!!


How do I make a LILO boot floppy in Debian?  ( I tried editing lilo.conf and 
copying it to floppy but that didn,t work ) I need to add append 
"aha152x=0x340,11,7,1" to make Debian recognize my SCSI drive.

Why won't the modules load correctly?

Why do git and mc only run in mono?

Answers in plain english please, I am self taught re computers and am just 
about hanging on now!!

Toshiba T6600CD, 24K RAM, 504MB hardrive, Toshiba 2x CDrom, MS sound system
External SCSI Quantum 510 MB hardrive, Syquest EZ-Drive ( very neat )
Princeton Ultra16 monitor.
hda1  dos/windows	       	60mb
hda2  BSD  ( needs work )	424mb
hda3  Slackware			20mb
sda1  dos			1mb		
sda2  Debian			465mb
sda3  Debian swap		50mb
sdb1  Syquest			135mb 	


WINDOW=-12 30 1020 704
VIEWWINDOW=955 670 10 46

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