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here's another one....

I'm at wit's end with this one... I receive news from my feed. If innd is
down, the compressed batch articles go to the correct directory
(/var/spool/news/in.coming). Running 'rnews -U' results in the following
message in 'news.notice'....
I've checked permissions on rnews & gzip. I checked /usr/lib/news/innshellvars
for correct entries. What am I overlooking? Private Email please 8-)

Nov 24 21:12:48 westgac3 innd: localhost connected 14
Nov 24 21:12:48 westgac3 rnews: cant execv gzip No such file or directory
Nov 24 21:12:55 westgac3 last message repeated 54 times
Nov 24 21:12:55 westgac3 innd: localhost:14 closed seconds 7 accepted 0 refused 0 rejected 0

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