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Users: Support the project by becoming developers

Dear Debian Users,

I'd like to hear from users who are ready to support the project by
becoming Debian developers. There are several existing Debian packages
available right now. All of these packages must be re-built using ELF
and uploaded in the near future. Several of the core group of
developers wish to pass some of their packages onto others so that they
can start other projects - for example I would like to work on
installation issues, but can not do so unless I offload some of my
package responsibility.

The prospective candidates will be competent C programmers, and will
have the time to respond to bug reports and user questions and upload
new versions of a package regularly. The candidates should be ready to
install the ELF development system. Volunteers will be added to the
Debian developer's mailing list, and will be given a new package
maintainer's FAQ and a list of available packages to choose from.

	Many Thanks

	Bruce Perens
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