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Re: New a.out/ELF development packages

> Will ligb++-2.7.x be debianized or do we have to grab that ourselves? 

It will be eventually.  For now, you can use the elf-libg++ package.
It should be in /debian/project/expermental/elf.

> I need it for my work. And I'd like to, if I can, do without the aout
> versions of gcc and friends and go to elf directly. 

If you don't want to develop a.out programs, you don't need aout-gcc
and aout-binutils.  You will still need libc4 and aout-librl though as
many programs will depend on them for quite some time.

> You did a great job with these elf packages. I installed your new version
> earlier but they failed on c++ and on stone-old c stuff requiring termlib.

Thanks.  Do the new versions work for you?

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