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Re: Troubles with kernel

On Wed, 15 Nov 1995, Thomas Kocourek wrote:

> Hello Dave,
>   (ref. Debian Linux install) Things to check for:
> 1) can the BIOS directly support IDE? Can you select type 47 hard drives
> in the BIOS setup? If so, you will need to make an entry for your drive 
> using the parameters shown by Linux.

Yes, I the BIOS supports it - the drive geometry being shown by Linux is 
what I entered, if I change it Linux displays the new values. The (386SX)
board runs DOS off the disk with no problems.
> 2) is the controller replaceable? If so, you might want to spend $20 and
> get a cheap, but newer technology type IDE controller.

I am beginning to suspect the controller and it is replaceable (marvellous
things - old technology!) but am asking around to see if anyone has a 
controller to test with despite the cheapness of cards!

>  Lastly, make sure the drive is jumpered for AT class of operation. The 
>  'X/A' at the end of the drive model number indicates that the drive will
>  operate in either XT or AT mode. There is a big difference between XT
>  and AT operation on an IDE bus!

Yes, it is jumpered correctly - I downloaded the data sheet from Seagate +

With the IRQ probe failure and then nothing. I think it is failing during 
a check for floppy drives and this perhaps points again to the disk 
controller. However I am still willing to consider any other possibilities.

Dave Low

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