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Re: 1.0

>>>>> "Zachary" == Zachary DeAquila <zachary@zachs.place.org> writes:

    Zachary> I suspect the above method will be highly (slackware)
    Zachary> version specific, and probably debian-version specific
    Zachary> also. (ie, what if someone changes where they log
    Zachary> things?)  but it should work...

It would work on a fresh Slackware, but who has a fresh clean Unix of
any kind?  I have tried hard, but I haven't even kept Debian clean;
when I used Slackware, it was much more sloppy still.

For example, I've found it strongly desirable if not necessary to mess
with files in /usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp, /usr/lib/texmf, /usr/doc,
/boot, /dev, and of course /var and /etc.

It's got to be easier to install Debian fresh, and then raid your
unused Slackware for portable sources, binaries, and config files as
they are needed.

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