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re: invalid partition table

Sorry if this reply is a repeat, but I don't see the answer I would give 
covered here yet.  I'll answer these problems separately as #1 and #2.

#1: I can't tell you exactly what happened, but I can tell you how to fix 
it.  Slip out a bootable windows95 diskette so you can get to your 
windows95 partition, then run 'FDISK /MBR'.  That will restore your master 
boot record.  I'm assuming it's your master boot record that win95 doesn't 
like.  If it's the win95 boot sector on its own partition, then your hosed 
-- you might try a 'SYS C:\WINDOWS C:' if that is the case, but try the 
FDISK first.  After you do the FDISK, you won't have lilo anymore, so I 
hope you kept a custom boot disk around for linux.  When you have win95 
working correctly, boot back into linux with your boot disk and go check 
your /etc/lilo.conf to make sure you have an entry in there for your win95 
partition "other = /dev/hda1" or whatever.  Then rerun lilo and you should 
be back in business.  If that doesn't work, please send me your lilo.conf 
and I'll see if I can help further.  I'm running linux and win95 with LILO 
and am having no problems. 

#2:  xdm on bootup?  You fool!  Just kidding.  8^)  When X comes up, you 
can first try <ctrl>-<alt>-<+> to see if it will bring up any of the 
resolutions.  the control-alt-plus combination is to switch between video 
modes while you're running X.  If that doesn't work, you can take X down by 
hitting <ctrl>-<alt>-<backspace>.  After you do that, you need to disable 
xdm at bootup (obviously).  I'm not sure the official way to do this, but 
I'll put in here the way I did it (yes, I made the same mistake, so I'm a 
fool too).  In /etc/init.d there's a file called 'xdm'.  Toward the top 
there will be a line that says 'run_xdm=1'; well, change that to 
'run_xdm=0' and that should take care of it.  You can change it back to 1 
later when you get your configuration set up properly for your video.

Hope this helps!

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Original Text
>From debian-user@Pixar.com, on 11/14/95 12:11 AM:
To: <debian-user@Pixar.com>


  We have a pentium box here that runs windoze95. To install debian,
  I partioned the disk using fips. When debian loaded, I prepared
  a swap partition and a linux partiion on as /dev/hda2 and /dev/hda3 using
  the custom mode installation. The we installed the packages. X loads
  with a garbeled sceen and no mouse reaction, and since xdm is run at 
  boot time, I am not sure how to stop. I consolated my colleague by
  claiming that windoze95 would still be there. We removed the debian
  boot disk, rebooted. The floppy is installed, then comes a message:
  Invalid partition table

  and windows stops.

  How could this happen? Note that linux still boots, but I can
  not do anything with it because of this xdm problem. Any way that
  I can rectify the partition table problem?

  Thomas Krichel           

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