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Re: Mirror Files

Hi Ian, on Nov 13 you wrote:

   How about we change the names of the links to
     stable -> debian-0.93
     development -> debian-1.0

Looks clearer and cleaner to me. I'm new to debian and had trouble even
determining which was what.. at some point I saw that >1.0 is ELF and
seeing I want to go all ELF I grabbed all of 1.0.

What is "developing" about 1.0.. have I not got "all" ? Is 1.0 a "short"
ELF version of 0.93, for instance ?

debian-current -> debian-1.0
debian-released -> debian-0.93

>From a first timers point of view, I couldn't really figure which one of
these to grab, not from the names alone, I HAD to read further to determine
which lot to grab. At least with your previous example, it matches the
current trend of dealing with linux kernels.

Also, while using the perl mirror package to grab these files, it kept
falling over a something.core because it only had -rw------ etc, which
is good, I didn't want it :)... but it stopped the mirror 3 times.. I
just notice it's not there any more...good :)


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