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Re: shutdown -r now

>Who needs Dos anyway ;)
>Grtz Jordan
At work, I haven't used my DOS partition (which is down to below
10 Mb now) in months.  However, I may be forced to use a separate
DOS machine from time-to-time just to be compatible and access
data from other machines.  If I could just get samba to work, I 
may even be able to eliminate that.  I need access to Banyan Vines
archives as well.

At home, I still use my DOS-windoze-95 partition quite often.  The
main reasons are that I use Quicken-4.0 for windoze to pay the bills
and my kids use word-imperfect for windoze (they haven't grasped how
to use Latex yet!).  I do often use a debian-linux partition at home
however to do more interesting things.

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