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How flexible can hard disk partitions be?


I just installed my first Linux system, and thanks god, it's a Debian: cool!!!

I have a slight concern about disk space management, though. As a beginner, it
is a bit scary to assign a fixed disk space to DOS, and a fixed one to
Linux. What if I later find out I need more DOS/games space, or more Linux/work
space??? Hence my question...

What I know:
FIPS.EXE: lets you take a (defragmented) DOS partition, and assign all or part
of the free space to a new partition. Notice: this is probably useless if you
already have the maximum 4 partitions. What then???

(c)fdisk (linux executable): lets you free up (and delete!) a partition or
create a new partition from free space.

What I lack:
1) a defragmenter for Linux partitions. Ideally, it should accept parameters
like where to lump the free space (begin, end...)

2) a tool to kick out the free space generated in 1) from the partition it
belongs to.


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