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Re: date problem ?

   Sorry, I can't resist this one :-)

   I'm now running SunOS 4.1.3.

   When I do ``/usr/remote/gnu/bin/date -s 12am'', it comes back at me
shortly thereafter with ``Thu Nov  9 12:00:10 EST 1995'', which means
afternoon--thus, the GNU version acts like the Linux one seen by
Zachary.  The Sun version, however, won't let me use ``12am'', but
insists on 24-hour time.

Don Gaffney writes:
> Here in Vermont folks claim that 12:00 AM is midnight and 12:00 PM is
> noon.

   I go along w/him, in that I've always seen 12am == 0000/2400, while
12pm == 1200.  What this really shows is an immoral effort to extend
am/pm to meaningless domains, since ``am'' is ``ante-meridian''
(before noon, when the sun's on the meridian [modulo the analemma] if
you keep real time instead of Daylight Stupid Time :-).  Thus noon is
neither am nor pm, but just m.  I'll leave midnight as an exercise to
the reader, but it's no better, for slightly different reasons.

   An amusing side note: Since I tried this at about 1715, once I
reset the clock everything outside of the one window I was working in
halted: the mouse wouldn't leave that window, my CPU meter froze, and
my clock didn't show the new time.  Hypothesis: everyone was waiting
for an event after the last time they checked, and with my reset that
wasn't going to happen for five hours or so.  Moral:  Don't do that!

			    Max Hyre

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