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Re: Novell-Server "lwared"

winni@elfi.mi.uni-koeln.de (Winfried Truemper)  wrote on 07.11.95 in <[🔎] Pine.LNX.3.91.951103232424.685A-100000@ElFi.MI.Uni-Koeln.DE>:

> as some of you may plan to run the Novell-Server for LinuX, I should warn
> you: the Server is extremly fast with regard to offering "logins" (don't
> know the word in terms of Novell).

On Netware servers, you can toggle this behaviour with


(and you better not turn that off for *all* servers). If lwared doesn't  
yet have such an option (I don't know either way), it should get it. It  
should be configurable which servers act as login servers.

> Only 10 simultanous connections are compiled in by default and if these
> are in use, the server will refuse all login-attempt EVEN TO OTHER
> NOVELL-SERVERS. Setting the preferred server with "/PS=" DOES NOT HELP.

On the other hand, this is *exactly* what Novell servers do - "not logged  
in" connections (read-only access to the SYS:LOGIN directory *only*) count  
to the limit.

This doesn't matter if you can get at LOGIN.EXE without getting at the  
server first.

MfG Kai

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