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Re: debian, just what i always wanted.

cas@muffin.pronet.com said:
>  I suspect that the developers haven't done a full install from 
> floppy onto a bare disk for ages.

I must have run 20 this weekend while testing the new feature of installing
the base system from CD-ROM instead of floppies.

The problem is that the installer is really the prototype - the "real" one
never got written. I'm working on it, and have some enhancements contributed
by Winfried that will appear in future systems.

> why use LDLINUX.SYS on the install boot disk instead of LILO?

The result can be manipulated on a DOS system - for example you can edit
in odd boot parameters or change the kernel because it's an MS-DOS filesystem
and the parameter list and kernel are in normal DOS files.

>  - why doesn't the install program ask you how you want to format the 
>    install drive?  I know you can shell out and fdisk/format it 
> yourself    manually (that's what I did).

The "Custom" installation asks. The "Novice" installation was done that way
at the request of FSF "to make it easier for the naive user". This definitely
needs to be fixed.

> - why isn't there any Quick Install document, which gives in point
>   form the steps required to create boot, root, and base disks under
>   either dos or unix? 

All we have is the prototype manual from February 1995 on the Web site.
Ian Murdock says he'll eventually finish this manual :-( .

> yes, I DO volunteer to write one if it doesn't already exist.

Go for it.

>  why the need to copy all the *.deb files from the .../debian-0.93/
> binary/    hierarchy into one big directory?  Why can't dselect 
> automatically    search in all subdirectories of .../binary/ for 
> *.deb packages? 

This should not be necessary. I'd have to discuss how you installed the
system to figure out why you needed to do this.


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