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Re: PS1 & PS2

Bill Hogan wrote in debian.user:
>   Hello.
>   My prompt strings $PS1 and $PS2 work as expected for non-root users
> but not for root.
> # define bash prompts
> export PS1='\h:[*\u*] \$ '
> export PS2='\h:[*\u*] And? \$ '

You will need to escape the backslash in front of the dollar sign, eg.:

  PS1='\h:[*\u*]\w \\$ '; export PS1
  PS2='\h:[*\u*] And? \\$'; export PS2

I am not sure if this is a bug in the bash or in the documentation ...
well probably the latter, since 'real programmers' don't write docs, they
read the source ... ;-)

  Dominik (aka Mr.Linux)

|  'Mr. Linux' is responsible for the Linux area of the FTP-server of  |
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