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Neo-Nazi posting to debian-user

Sure, I'll send these guys a bill - it's actually $1999, you only get
the $1000 fee if you arrange with me to advertise in advance. I doubt
I'll be able to collect, but trying might be fun. The posting address is
a forgery.

Unfortunately, the anti-spam stuff will have to be turned on again later.
Once it's on, the first time you post to one of my lists you will get a
posting agreement in e-mail and will have to return-mail the word "AGREE"
before you are allowed to post. It'll take me a few hours of SmartList
programming to get that going. I would have preferred to work on Debian

Our families (Valerie and I are Jewish) were able to emigrate to the
U.S.  between 1800 and 1900. Thus, those of us that we know of avoided
the Nazis in Europe. If we had any relatives left there, they most
probably died in the Holocaust.

	Bruce Perens

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