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Re: Bug#1396: System Hangs!

>  >si::sysinit:/etc/init.d/boot 2>&1 | logger -s -p user.info -t
>Dale Scheetz:
>   Well, the above line works, sort of. The messages that appear on the console
>   from the boot script are now annotated with the tag stuff from logger but
>   they still aren't showing up in the messages log file (or anywhere else that
>   I can find). I don't fully understand the priority parameter, so I suspect
>   that if it were different (correct) that these messages would appear in the
>   log.
>Take a look at your /etc/syslog.conf file -- pay special attention to
>what you've got for /var/log/messages and /dev/console.  Choose a
>priority that works for both.

First the good news. The topic of this message has been solved! It was a
hardware problem, but not one that is clear yet. What I do know is that as
long as my Seagate 1 Gig drive is mounted (a Medalist 1080 IDE drive) I can
crash the system with a find command. When I unmount this drive the find
works and doesn't crash the system. It's not clear to me why this happens,
but this particular drive has been a headache in other environments as well.

However, with reguard to the above discussion, I still have had no success.
What follows is a copy of my syslog.conf file. If I understand what I see
there either user.info or user.debug (I've tried each) should send these
messages to the /var/log/messages log file. This doesn't happen! 

# /etc/syslog.conf: syslogd(8) configuration file.
# $Id: syslog.conf,v 3.3 1995/02/24 23:44:14 imurdock Exp $

# You have to use tabs here!

auth.*							/var/log/auth.log
#cron.*							/var/log/cron.log
daemon.*;mail.*						/var/log/daemon.log
news.crit						/var/log/news.crit
news.err						/var/log/news.err
news.notice						/var/log/news.notice
local2.*						/var/log/net.log
user.*							/var/log/messages
*.=debug						/var/log/debug
*.=info;*.=notice;*=.warn;auth,cron,daemon,mail,news.none	/var/log/messages
*.emerg							*

# I like to have messages displayed on the console, but only on a virtual
# console I usually leave idle.
one	/dev/tty1

# The named pipe /dev/xconsole is for the `xconsole' utility.  To use it,
# you must invoke `xconsole' with the `-file' option:
#    $ xconsole -file /dev/xconsole [...]
ne	|/dev/xconsole

This seems to be my last problem (till the next one) Let me know if you
think of anything.

YHS, Dale

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