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Re: Can't find stuff to configure and recompile Kernel.

Richard Kettlewell writes ("Re: Can't find stuff to configure and recompile Kernel."):
> Robert F. Antoniewicz writes:
> [...]
> >WHen I installed, I used dpkg-deb -i *.deb is this my faux pas???  Or
> >is the kernel configurer and compiler someplace else in debian???
> Use dpkg, not dpkg-deb.

dpkg-deb doesn't have a -i option (well, it does, but it is for
backwards compatibility and just produces info about an archive file).

dpkg -i *.deb will produce a bit of a mess, as it will install, out of
each set of conflicting packages, whatever it happens to come across

dpkg-deb does have a --extract (-x) option, but trying to use it to
install a system is a disaster.  The dpkg-deb included in more recent
versions of dpkg won't let you do it - it says:
 dpkg-deb: --extract needs a target directory.
 Perhaps you should be using dpkg --install ?

The correct way to install is to upgrade to the latest version of dpkg
and use dselect.

Unfortunately the dpkg package version on the current base disks is
practically prehistoric.  Do not attempt to use those base disks to
install a system without upgrading dpkg first.

tomk@westgac3.dragon.com writes ("dselect"):
> I tried "dselect" and it appears to work, except.... Setup complains
> about "No installation methods are available."  Since there are no "docs"
> on dselect, any clues about what is missing? Or do I need a later version?
> (version

Yes, you need a later version.


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