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Re: dpkg --install

>Dale Scheetz:
>   dpkg --unpack /path/*.deb
>   Then configure them with:
>   dpkg --configure --auto
>   Finaly you install them using:
>   dpkg --install --auto /path/*.deb
>I think 
>dpkg --install /path/*.deb
>should suffice.
>There are other ways of doing things, but this is the simplest to
>describe and to remember.

OK, for the sake of argument (at this instant, I'm in windows %$&#^@...at
some other instant maybe I'll be in Linux) I'm willing to assume that you
are correct, Raul. For both Susan and myself, could you explain why we are
encouraged to first unpack and then configure these packages before
BTW, I think that I installed man but it doesn't work, how do I tell what
packages have been installed?
YHS Dale

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