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another ps


I was wondering if there's a version of 'ps' lying around somewhere that 
accepts arguments as the 'ps' in HP-UX/Solaris etc. I think this would be 
the SYSV-ps instead of the BSD-ps. Reason for this is that I still 
haven't found a way to do 'ps -fu user' under Debian/Linux without using 
a 'grep'. I think it's overkill to use a seperate grep for this.

Wouldn't it be an idea to have the choice between a BSD-ps package and a 
SYSV-ps package? If some-one can point me to the sources, I think I'm 
capable of producing a package for this.

Another Q: reading the man-page for ps, I found out that you have to do a 
'psupdate' everytime you recompile a new kernel. I thought it would then 
be logical to have this command in some rc-file, but couldn't find it 
anywhere under /etc. I have 0.93R5 (the base-packages anyway....). Is 
this implemented under R6?


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