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elvis-1.8pl4-14 uploaded

c2e92f37fb96463673e29d232eeb5792  elvis-1.8pl4-14.tar.gz
153a8092d49c2f50fa62515cc0c23c1f  elvis-1.8pl4-14.diff.gz
4771f6ce460a1b2b89cb1dd0597ead19  elv-ctags-1.8pl4-14.deb
0f0b7b0dc8f5bde839581ad9424c8f4d  elv-fmt-1.8pl4-14.deb
2655d9193dddfe228e974c3fca010134  elv-vi-1.8pl4-14.deb

Sun Aug 13 12:07:04 PDT 1995; Bill Mitchell <mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com>

    * /elvis-1.8pl4-14

    Changes for elvis-18pl4-14
    1.  Removed Recommended: elv-doc from elv-vi control file.
        elv-doc was eliminated in the -10 package, but this wasn't
        picked up in the elv-vi control file.
    2.  Made elv-vi postrm file mode 755 (was 750 in error)

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