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image, source, includes updated

* Mon Aug 14 09:12:08 PDT 1995 Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com>
		Make /usr/src/linux/debian.rules generate the "image" package
		from a configured kernel when you say "make image". Upload new
		"image" packages.

		The next step will be to make it manage multiple configurations
		so that I can automaticaly build the kernels archive.


546c6ec8c5b7219ab42d83d8e6794a1a  image-1.2.13-0.deb
3ccd9afabfd348c0f8cb2ccf38c5a4e2  image-1.3.18-0.deb
30ca24aab375e4cb71a0d9d244a6d326  includes-1.2.13-0.deb
ac39b37b54c81b6abe3ddefd27911bba  includes-1.3.18-0.deb
7756d87a1a21bf9014900dac4649b004  kernel-source-1.2.13-0.diff.gz
b9719d899801ddbe60c8e98a527f6cd3  kernel-source-1.2.13-0.tar.gz
310c999db50d1b7ad6c2be634f09dbce  kernel-source-1.3.18-0.diff.gz
37fcd4b833eeeff4da3aa2def27b7409  kernel-source-1.3.18-0.tar.gz
3a8cc38496d3d45f6fb955f70a7b8604  source-1.2.13-0.deb
1f2aba0c216a2a2e3b7fa85b3bf2f5c1  source-1.3.18-0.deb
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