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uucp-1.05-4 released

Here is another not-ready-for-prime-time release of uucp.  It's getting
better, but slowly.

The big changes that most people will see are that the info files are now
created and properly installed, the configuration directory is now /etc/uucp
and the log files are now in /var/log/uucp and are rotated daily.

I still need to figure out the permissions problem with respect to using the
serial ports.  Oh yeah, set the permissions on any serial port that you want
uucico to dial out through to -rw-rw-rw- until I get this figured out.

Since I can't get at ftp.debian.org now, I have made the uucp files available
on ftp.access.digex.net in the directory /pub/access/dhs/Debian.

Thu Aug 10 02:49:04 EDT 1995	;   David H. Silber  <dhs@firefly.com>

42da5cdcc9c449b647926ddcb5a716c6  uucp-1.05-4.deb
4d98d56fdfa51f3c3513b16da2ef58f9  uucp-1.05-4.diff.gz
1070f0a883e1fb8be73ea9e1c851d7ad  uucp-1.05-4.tar.gz

-rw-r--r--   1 root     root       613538 Aug 10 02:42 uucp-1.05-4.deb
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root        78146 Aug 10 02:48 uucp-1.05-4.diff.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root       802483 Aug 10 02:48 uucp-1.05-4.tar.gz

uucp (1.05-4)
  * Fixed debian.rules to not generate bogus "\n\n" string in release notes.
  * Changed comment on debian.crontab.
  * Changed contents of sample-hdb/Permissions to reflect less acurately
    my own system.
  * Changed owner of /var/log/uucp to uucp.
  * Created a stub uucpconfig and fixed debian.rules to put it into
    /usr/sbin so that the postinst script will be able to run correctly.
  * Removed the commands to create the old configuration directory
    (/usr/lib/uucp) from debian.rules.
  * Added dependancy on cron.
  * Created a debian.conffiles file and made sure that debian.rules will
    install it.
  * Created a script to be installed as /etc/cron.daily/uucp to rotate the
    log files.
  * Created a crontab file to be installed as /etc/uucp/crontab for the
    system administrator to configure and use as the uucp user's crontab
  * Move the current set of examples into /usr/doc/examples/uucp/taylor.
    Make a set of HDB examples under /usr/doc/examples/uucp/hdb.
  * Upgrade optimization to -O3 in an attempt to make this thing
    less huge.
  * Changed ALLOW_FILENAME_ARGUMENTS (in policy.h) to 0 so as to disable
    the use of arguments to rmail & rnews.
  * Moved the log files to /var/log/uucp/* (in the policy.h file).
  * Made debian.rules create /etc/uucp and /var/log/uucp.
  * Switch to using ``/etc/uucp'' as the directory for HDB-style
    configuration files.  The Taylor-style configuration files
    already use this directory.  Hopefully, they do not conflict.
  * Build this file into the automatically generated release notes.
    (I should edit out the old changes by hand.)
  * Build ``uucp.info*'' out of ``uucp.texi''.
    Install info files in ``/usr/info''.
    List uucp in the info directory.

 -- David H. Silber <dhs@firefly.com>  Thu Aug 10 01:12:46 EDT 1995

   David H. Silber     dhs@firefly.com     Project:  Debian GNU/Linux (uucp)
   <http://www.access.digex.net/~dhs/>     Wanted:  Spare time.

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