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cat some.tgz

Erick Branderhorst writes:
>This is probably happening on other linuxes as well but I'm not sure so
>I better start here. When I cat some tgz file on the screen (not X) it
>works. I see a lot of crap, but after this some characters remain crap.
>How can this be solved. I use bash 1.14.4 and cat 1.11?

Have you read the Linux FAQ?

  Question 6.8.  My screen is all full of weird characters instead of

  You probably sent some binary data to your screen by mistake.  Type
  echo ^V^[c (that's e c h o space control-V escape c return) to fix
  it.  Many Linux distributions have a command reset that does this.

Does that help?  Debian appears to have the 'reset' command mentioned.


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