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Slackware 1.2.0 and what I don't like...

So I recently got debian 0.91 and installed it. Of some of the software
I wanted newer versions and I also need/want some of the packages that
aren't in 0.91. So I made a mistake, I got Slackware 1.2.0. How come
everyone uses it? It's disappointing. Ok, they have a nice and colorful
install program that helps you get the megs onto your disk, but after

Why am I talking about Slackware here, because I think if they are not
avoided yet, these weaknesses should be.

You can choose an international keyboard layout while installing, very
nice, but you don't get the appropriate loadkeys written to rc.local.

There's tk with Slackware, but no programs using it. (I know there are
in Debian, good)

Even the demos that come with slack can't be used unless you fix the
first line, The path to wish just isn't right.

Taylor UUCP is compiled to use those HDB files and not Taylor-style

I could not convince Seyon 2.14 to use colors the way I had 2.12 use
them. *customization: -color would not do.

A lot of people I know are using the deskjet printer or similar. So I
can't see why the entry mx#0 is missing from the /etc/printcap file. I
had a copy file too large with my first submitted printjob. (that's
dvi->ps->deskjet of course)

The TeX version that comes with slack, seems incompatible with LaTeX
2.09. It annoumces that a LaTeX 2.09 compatibility mode has been
entered, but the report I am currently working on did not get through,
unless I cut away some of my \newcommands. I replaced it with the old
version of LaTeX. For LaTeX I can't really see a need for a new version

auc-tex is missing from the emacs package.

One of idraw or xfig should be included as an option.

There seems to be a bug in either xdm or in shutdown, that's been in
there since I first tried to use xdm, which hangs the machine when
shutting down from an xterm.

These are just the things I noticed in the two days since I went slack.


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