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Howard Wilner - 1997 Ford Crown Victoria

Howard Wilner - 1997 Ford Crown Victoria, If the mere sight of this car makes you think of your local constabulary, there's a good reason. These big cars are the last of a breed--the rear-drive, full-size American V8 sedan--and as such they are the vehicle of choice of law enforcement agencies, as much as for their size and power. Cops need lots of room for their gear, as well as occasional unwilling rear seat passengers who need their space. The Ford Crown Victoria, and its sibling the Mercury Grand Marquis, represent true values in upscale touring transportation. Each is generously appointed, luxuriously spacious, with a ride well suited to long trips while also being responsive to the throttle.
Law enforcement groups are not the only ones who see value here--so too do folks who transport people for a living. Professional chauffeurs and taxi drivers value these cars because of the ride quality they offer their clients and with an ease of ingress and egress. Not to mention exceptionally rugged durability.
While other domestic manufacturers have discontinued this type of car, Ford has pledged to continue to provide these vehicles to the customers--inlcuding police forces and taxi fleets across America--who still appreciate the features and comfort which come with a full-frame platform and V8 power turning the rear wheels.

Comparison shopping, feature for feature, will show you just what a value these all-American cars are as well.

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