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Re: Re: listeye

hi jin... :)

On 07/12/2018 11:13 AM, jin&hitman&Barracuda wrote:
> Hi and welcome
> There are many peoples out there but unfortunately we are not united and
> not active as in other countries. The best bet is five mail on this list
> in a single year. It is sad. May be other members know some sort of
> meeting plan on somewhere but i'm not aware of this.

actualy i met a few debian people in the https://hackerspace.ist/
where i'm a member.
the hsist was (re)-opened just a few months ago. but since a month i'm
the only person attending our regular open meeting on wednesday evening :-)
in the moment i guess no one knows what's going on. my latest info is,
that we need to go out of our space until end of this month.
which is a pitty since there should be something like a hackerspace in
hugh istanbul.
so if someone likes to support? hurry!

> You are the second people i've ever seen that use debian as daily os on
> normal life (at least for me).

hmmmm, should be changed!

> Welcome again

see you

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