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Blocked E-Mail [BadMIMEType]

>>>>>>>>>> An E-Mail sent from you <<<<<<<<<<<
             Recipient / Subject

mike@guru.de /  

          will not be delivered, because 

              (1) the "Subject:" line or   
              (2) the content of the E-Mail or
              (3) the attachment

         does not confirm with our E-Mail rules.

               Additional information:
#### Bad MIME Type ( 1 criteria met):
+++ MS-DOS executable |<=>|  MS-DOS executable (EXE), OS/2 or MS Windows (test.scr)
#### Bad Loader Type ( 1 criteria met):
+++ KeRnEl32.dLl + LoadLibraryA |<=>| Win32 (test.scr @lines 552 + 553)

           For your information we include
               a filtered part of the 
              original E-Mail message.
* ------ Original message follows below: ------ *

The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment.

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