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Re: skapa .deb fil av installerade filer

Michael Olberg:

> Finns det ett enkelt kommando som återskapar ett binärt .deb arkiv
> med hjälp av den information som t.ex. 'dpkg -L <paket>' ger?

Package: dpkg-repack
Description: puts an unpacked .deb file back together
 dpkg-repack creates a .deb file out of a debian package that has already
 been installed. If any changes have been made to the package while it was
 unpacked (ie, files in /etc were modified), the new package will inherit
 the changes.
 This utility can make it easy to copy packages from one computer to another,
 or to recreate packages that are installed on your system, but no longer
 available elsewhere, or to store the current state of a package before you
 upgrade it.

\\// Peter - http://www.softwolves.pp.se/

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