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This is an unmonitored mailbox


Thank you for contacting Intuit. Unfortunately, we are unable to reply to
your message because it was sent to an unmonitored or obsolete email

However, here are several options that provide information or responses to
most inquiries: 

*          For questions or issues about using an Intuit product you own,
including how to Contact Us, go to the respective product support site:

*          QuickBooks: <http://www.quickbooks.com/support/
<http://www.quickbooks.com/support/> >

*          Quicken: <http://www.intuit.com/support/quicken
<http://www.intuit.com/support/quicken> >

*          TurboTax: <http://www.turbotax.com/support
<http://www.turbotax.com/support> >

*          For a listing of Intuit's other product support sites, go to
Intuit's main support page: <http://www.intuit.com/support
<http://www.intuit.com/support> > 

*          If you need to check on the status of an order or cancel your
order, please visit our order status Web site:
<http://www.intuitestore.com/store/status> >.

*          If you have questions about downloading a new product, please
visit the My Downloads section of Intuit's Web site:
<http://www.intuitestore.com/store/mydownloads> >.




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