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Re: framebuffer start

* Rustan Rosen (rustan@lysator.liu.se) [001024 11:07]:
> Var ställer man in vilket framebufferläge ur /etc/fb.modes som skall
> användas vid uppstart? Skall man lägga in det i lilo.conf?

I had the same problem and wrote the author of fbset about that just
yesterday. This is what I learnd:

/etc/fb.modes is only for fbset. It does not work at boottime. the filesystem
is not even mounted when the framebuffer is activated.

There is a good howto:

you can set all your fbmodes on the vga= line in lilo.conf. For the desired
value you might consult the /usr/share/doc/fbset/kernel-doc/vesa*.txt.gz
I added some chipset specific stuff via append="video=vesa:ywarp,mtrr"

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