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Navegar por e-mail para los cubanos


Una forma de navegar por e-mail

Por cierto el capullo (lo conozco personalmente a sí que le puedo llamar capullo con conocimiento de causa) de stallman navega así.


manual http://www4mail.org/pdf/www4manual.pdf

www4mail is an open source application, that allows you to navigate off-line and search the whole Internet via electronic mail (e-mail) by using any standard Web browser and a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Exchange) aware e-mail program. E-mail messages sent to www4mail servers get automatically passed to your e-mail agent when you select (one or more) buttons that link to other Web documents within a requested Web page. There are many options available for user quota statistics, e-mail uuencoding reply, etc. A few of these are described in the


  • delivers most types of Web documents (with a variety of HTML tags, (java)scripts, cookies and metatags; handles dynamical contents, frames, etc).
  • Parses HTML (text) and source HTML.
  • Preserves the original layout of the requested Web pages.
  • Retrieves information from FTP sites, USENET news servers:
    i.e., ftp://site/path/file and gopher://site/path/file).
  • Supports Web Forms (GET or POST) to conduct Web database searches. (When posting it is also possible to have a URL containing a ? sign).
  • Sends replies as e-mail attachments, or in the body of an e-mail message depending on the type of request (options) sent by the e-mail client through the Web browser.
  • Handles MetaTags. That is, if a web page is re-directed or re-located by the use of a META statement, www4mail automatically warn you about the possible re-location of the information and provided suitable links for the new location at the top of the reply page.
  • Handles FRAMES. When a requested document contains frames, www4mail inserts suitable links to each framed document.
  • Supports user authentication for password-protected Web/FTP sites.
  • Error messages such as password & username required are trapped by www4mail and sent back to the user.
  • Web pages that are entirely dynamic (i.e., created on-the-fly) are also supported. But the page content varies with different browsers.
  • Provides support for text only access for compatibility with the alternative "Agora" and "GetWeb" Web-Mail servers.
  • Serves filtered requests to reduce bandwidth. Transfer of binary data is also supported.
  • Supports MIME, the Internet standard for representing multipart and multimedia data in e-mail.
  • Support uuencode as an alternative to MIME.
  • Allows to retrieve PostScript and PDF versions of HTML pages.
  • Allows to retrieve HTML documents having links for pictures or images.
  • Allows to retrieve multi-lingual versions of HTML pages, where available.
  • Allows encrypted https transactions.

Un saludo


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