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Re: Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" to be released with complete free Linux Kernel

2010/12/15 Carlos Miranda Molina <cmiranda@ngen.com.ar>:
> Albricias!
> El próximo lanzamiento estable de Debian "Squeeze" se tomará en serio las
> directrices referentes al software Libre que la misma Debian publica.
> Y me acabo de desayunar con este noticia.
> :D
> http://www.debian.org/News/2010/20101215
> "The Debian project has been working in removing non-free firmware from
> the Linux kernel shipped with Debian for the past two release cycles. At
> the time of the releases of Debian 4.0 "Etch" and 5.0 "Lenny", however, it
> was not yet possible to ship Linux kernels stripped of all non-free
> firmware bits. Back then we had to acknowledge that freedom issues
> concerning Linux firmware were not completely sorted out."

para el que esté preocupado por hardware que no vaya a funcionar en
futuras instalaciones desde cero, es importante este párrafo (mismo
enlace) :
> In accordance with the Debian Social Contract, we acknowledge that some users
> require the use of works that do not conform to the DFSG and that those works might
>include non-free firmware bits. For the time being, we have added to the "non-free"
>area of our archives alternative installation images and additional packages for Debian
>Squeeze, that include non-free firmware bits needed to enable specific pieces of
>hardware. They are not part of Debian, they should be looked for explicitly by
>interested users, and we cannot support them to the same extent of Free firmware as
>we do not have access to the corresponding source code. We encourage hardware
>manufacturers to release only DFSG-free firmware and we cannot accept other kind of
>firmware as part of Debian.

eso significa que van a salir imágenes de instalación "non-free" que
si incluyan el firmware que sacaron, y por supuesto, no hay soporte
para eso porque no es software libre. Y claro, si ese firmware no es
software libre, solo puede arreglarlo el fabricante

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