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Re: Software para grabar

El Sat, 15 Sep 2007 09:05:17 -0400
Ana Liz García Meriño <lizzi@infomed.sld.cu> escribió:

> Hola a todos.....
> Que software me recomiendan para grabar (sobre todo ISO) en CDs ????
> Besitos
> Liz


apt-cache search iso burn
arson - KDE frontend for burning CDs
burn - Command line Data-CD, Audio-CD, ISO-CD, Copy-CD writing tool
dvd+rw-tools - DVD+-RW/R tools
dvdbackup - tool to rip DVD's from the command line
k3b - A sophisticated KDE CD burning application
libburn-1 - A Disc Burning Suite (shared libraries)
libburn-dev - A Disc Burning Suite (development files)
libisofs-1 - A Disc Burning Suite (shared libraries)
libisofs-dev - A Disc Burning Suite (development files)
mybashburn - Burn data and create songs with interactive dialog box
srecord - Manipulate EPROM load files
cdw - Tool for burning CD's - console version
cdw-common - Tool for burning CD's - common files
gcdw - Tool for burning CD's - graphical version


Manolo Díaz

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