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Re: Redireccionar web

El lun, 30-04-2007 a las 08:00 -0300, Shen Tiandi escribió:
> Hola alguien conoce algun soft equivalente el dynsite de guindous o
> como puedo hacer lo mismo en linux.

Yo uso www.no-ip.com y desde debian tienes un programita facil y simple
que te actualiza la ip automaticamente para que tu dominio siga
apuntando a tu maquina, disculpame pero no conozco si es eso esactamente
lo que quieres lograr con dynsite. De todos modos hay otro progrmailla
similar tambien en debian que es "inadyn", acontinuacion te mando lo que
dice el apt de el:

alex@alenux:~$ apt-cache show inadyn
Package: inadyn
Priority: optional
Section: net
Installed-Size: 100
Maintainer: Shaul Karl <shaul@debian.org>
Architecture: i386
Version: 1.96-1
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-21)
Filename: pool/main/i/inadyn/inadyn_1.96-1_i386.deb
Size: 23872
MD5sum: 7fa6b073b47e9ecd8447f0a9474e9851
SHA1: 6c86e81b364bfa371b6a869ca3ef5e2d5c18f602
SHA256: ecb06441b4c2883d3e9dc8d057b45e9933449197927cfae81dd45e89928ac18c
Description: client to alleviate the requirements for an Internet name
 With this package the user can have an Internet name for his host
 even though he might not have a name server or a static IP. It works
 by being a client of a supposedly open name server and updating the
 server's records when the need arise. A partial list of the servers
 that are supported is http://{www.dyndns.org,freedns.afraid.org,
 www.zoneedit.com,www.no-ip.com}. Some of the services of these servers
 are free of charge.
 This is a command line tool that is written in portable ANSI C with a
 little OS abstraction layer. It can maintain multiple host names with
 the same IP address, and has a web based IP detection which runs well
 behind a NAT router.
 Home page: http://inadyn.ina-tech.net

Espero que te sirva, recibe un cordial saludo, Alejandro.
"¡A mi señal, ira y fuego!"
                Máximo Décimo Merídio (Gladiator)


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