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Re: Version minimal de debian

On Friday 05 January 2007 14:16, Lord Tyranus wrote:
> Hola amigos listeros, quiero instalar debian pero solo en linea de
> comandos y con solo los paquetes como el compilador de C y algunas
> otras utilidades de programacion, saben de alguna distribucion en
> debian que tenga estas carateristicas.
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> http://geocities.com/lord_tyranus_96/


Official businesscard images for the stable release

This image has a size of up to 40 MB. It is small enough to fit on business 
card-shaped CDs (available in differing sizes, e.g. 58×75 mm/2.3×3"). This 
image contains just the bare necessities to start a Debian installation, i.e. 
those parts of the installer which are necessary to configure networking and 
download the rest of the installation system.


Felipe Tornvall N. lu: 400327

w: http://linux.pctools.cl
e: ftn@linux.pctools.cl
t: 08-3410213

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