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problema modem hylafax

Hola a tod@s,

después de conseguir montar mi servidor de fax con hylafax y además
wireless (c54i) me encuentro con el problema del modem externo.

Es curioso, la pruebas la realice con un modem supraexpress 56k externo,
por ese motivo me compre otro externo, en este caso un conceptronics

Ahora el hylafax me dice lo siguiente:

Probing for best speed to talk to modem: 38400 OK.

About fax classes:

The difference between fax classes has to do with how HylaFAX interacts
with the modem and the fax protocol features that are used when sending
or receiving faxes.  One class isn't inherently better than another;
however, one probably will suit a user's needs better than others.

Class 1 relies on HylaFAX to perform the bulk of the fax protocol.
Class 2 relies on the modem to perform the bulk of the fax protocol.
Class 2.0 is similar to Class 2 but may include more features.
Class 1.0 is similar to Class 1 but may add V.34-fax capability.
Class 2.1 is similar to Class 2.0 but adds V.34-fax capability.

HylaFAX generally will have more features when using Class 1/1.0 than
when using most modems' Class 2 or Class 2.0 implementations.  Generally
any problems encountered in Class 1/1.0 can be resolved by modifications
to HylaFAX, but usually any problems encountered in Class 2/2.0/2.1 will
require the modem manufacturer to resolve it.

If you're unsure and your modem supports it, use Class 1.

Hmm, this looks like a Class 1 modem.
Product code (ATI0) is "TP560 Data/Fax/Voice 56K Modem".
Other information (ATI3) is "TP560 Data/Fax/Voice 56K Modem".
DTE-DCE flow control scheme [default]?
Modem manufacturer is "Topic".
Modem model is "TP560".

Using prototype configuration file topic...

The modem configuration parameters are:

Class1PPMWaitCmd:       "<delay\0727>"
Class1TCFWaitCmd:       "<delay\0727>"
Class1EOPWaitCmd:       "<delay\0729>"
Class1SwitchingCmd:     "<delay\0727>"

Are these ok [yes]?

Creating new configuration file /var/spool/hylafax/etc/config.ttyS0...
...nothing appears to have changed; leaving the original file.
Done setting up the modem configuration.

Checking /var/spool/hylafax/etc/config for consistency...
...everything looks ok; leaving existing file unchanged.

Don't forget to run faxmodem(8) (if you have a send-only environment)
or configure init to run faxgetty on ttyS0.

¿que puedo hacer? cambiar de modem otra vez :-(

La versión de hylafax que tengo es:
dpkg -l | grep hylafax
ii  hylafax-client                  4.2.1-5sarge3                  
Flexible client/server fax software - client
ii  hylafax-server                  4.2.1-5sarge3                  
Flexible client/server fax software - server

Gracias por todo.
Un saludo.

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