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[Omniprint-user] Epson LX-810

Hola lista:

Les adjunto un mensaje que recibí de una lista de correo relativa al driver Omni, para usar una impresora matricial.

El problema, como dice ahí, es que tengo configurado el gcc para archivos extensión .c, y no funciona para .cpp;  ¿alguien me puede decir, si es que ya tuvo experiencia instalando ese driver, cómo hago?


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Hello Alejandro,

> ../DebugOutput.hpp:23: ostream: No such file or directory

That error tells me that the c++ compiler that you use is not set up
correctly.  ostream is a standard C++ header file.

For the simple file:
#include <ostream>

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
   return 0;

If it is called bob.cpp and you compile it with "gcc -o bob bob.cpp" it
works.  However, if it is called bob.c and you compile it with "gcc -o
bob.c" it fails with the error "bob.c:1:19: ostream: No such file or

Since omni files have a .cpp ending, this tells me that your compiler is
defaulting to C mode instead of C++ mode.

> I attach the file "devices.mak"; Do I have to include the line "Epson

No.  By default it compiles every device.  The file devices.list controls
which XML files are installed.

I hope this helps.

I am also worried about "checking for g_module_close in -lgmodule... no" in
the configure output.


Take a look at the Linux Omni Printer Driver Framework at

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